Customise Course


In this dynamically changing world of IT and plethora of technologies used to run and maintain a company’s IT Infrastructure backbone, many a times engineers and IT management professionals are asked to learn a lot in a very short time either for deployment or to handle client meetings. You might not use all the features of the technology but only a few of them. We have got your back. The Customise your Course lets you choose what exactly you want to learn or polish your skills in a particular topic.

You can now design your own course and send it to us. Our experienced trainers will evaluate your designed course and help you edit them if they find that certain topics require some other pre- requisites.

Along with your selected modules for each technology BlueMap will cover architecture and installation as an add-on so that you get better understanding of the topic.

This concept is designed for the mid-level to upper-level IT management professionals and senior network engineers. For a fresher graduate or an associate level engineer we recommend you to learn the technology as a whole rather than opting for selected modules of each technology.

Start designing your course