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The Fortinet Firewall course aims to provide practical skills on security mechanisms, their configuration and troubleshooting in enterprise environments. This course is intended for networking professionals with little or no experience in Fortigate FortiOS products.

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7 Modules


25 hours


The Fortinet Firewall course aims to provide practical skills on security mechanisms, their configuration and troubleshooting in enterprise environments. This course is intended for networking professionals with little or no experience in Fortigate FortiOS products.


Apr 17th
07:00 AM to 09:00 AM (IST)

Apr 22nd
07:00 AM to 09:00 AM (IST)

Training Type Timing Duration Get Started
Regular [Weekdays]
On Request
3 weeks
Regular [Weekends]
On Request
3 weekends
Fast Track [5 days]
To be announced

Course Content - What Will You Learn?

  • Packet processing in fortigate
  • Modes of operation
  • Initial installation and setup
  • Security policies and NAT
  • Static routes, policy routes, and dynamic routing
  • Equal cost multi-path (ECMP)
  • Loose and strict reverse path forwarding (RPF)
  • Link aggregation
  • Loopback interfaces and black hole routes
  • WAN link load balancing
  • How to diagnose broken routes
  • Virtual Domains (VDOMs)
  •    Global and per-VDOM resources
  • Per-VDOM administrative accounts
  • Inter-VDOM Links
  • Monitoring per-VDOM resources
  • VDOM topologies
  • Transparent mode vs. NAT mode
  • Transparent bridging
  • Forwarding domains
  • Port pairing
  • STP configuration
  • Monitoring the MAC address table
  • Active-passive vs. active-active mode
  • How and HA cluster elects the primary
    Active-active traffic balancing
  • HA failover
  • Configuration synchronization
  • Session synchronization
  • Virtual clustering
  • Checking the status of a HA cluster
  • VPN Main vs. aggressive mode negotiations
  • Static vs. dynamic peers
  • Benefits and cost of VPN technologies
  • Dialup VPN configuration
  • Redundant VPNs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Why use DLP?
  • Files vs. messages
  • Sensors and filters
  • Document fingerprinting
  • Summary vs. full content archiving
  • Why do you need to know precisely what is normal?
  • Network diagrams
  • Monitoring network usage & system resource usage
  • Physical layer troubleshooting
  • Network layer troubleshooting
  • Transport layer troubleshooting

Who Should Attend?


25 Hours


This course is for security professionals looking to work in a FortiGate environment. Understanding of basic networking and security is a pre-requisite to attend this training.

What job roles can I apply for after this course?

After completion of the course you can apply for the following job positions:

Lab Practice

BlueMap has dedicated servers for PaaS, with 99.9% uptime. Candidates will be provided access to individual pods for lab practice. Guidance will also be provided if candidates want to setup a lab environment on their personal machines. A lab guide will be provided to each candidate with scenarios to practice all modules covered in the course because at BlueMap we believe that unless you see it happening you won’t be confident to answer any questions based on the same. There would be scenarios for implementing, verifying and troubleshooting all modules covered in the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Classes will be conducted online via GoToMeeting.

You will be provided dedicated lab access on our 24x7 available cloud servers during the entire course duration. Each candidate will have his/her own lab scenario for practice. Moreover, if the candidate wants to setup a lab on their machine that support will also be provided by the instructor.

The candidate will be provided with daily class recordings, presentations, lab guides, virtual machines and study notes for practice. All this material will be included in the course fees.

We do not have a refund policy. The candidate will be provided first two sessions free of cost and then the candidate will be asked to pay the course fees.

Yes, the course fees can be paid in two instalments. The first instalment will be payable after the first two free sessions. The second instalment will be payable after 50% course completion.

Placement assistance will be provided to all candidates after course completion. Interview calls be provided to all candidates. Along with that mock interview sessions will also be conducted for all candidates to prepare them for the interview.

Even after the course completion, BlueMap is committed to provide post-training support to all candidates. Post-training support works in two ways. In the first scenario if the candidate does not understand a particular topic he/she can have one-to-one session with the instructor to clear the concept or can attend any other on-going batches. In the second scenario the instructor will provide support to the candidate if he/she is facing issues on job helping candidate to apply knowledge to practice.

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