How do I enrol for a course?

To enrol for any course go to the “Apply Now” section and send us your details. We will revert back with the fees, payment method and available time slots. Once everything is confirmed form both sides and payment is made the training will commence from the date decided.

How do I make payment for a course?

You can either make a bank transfer or use any online method to pay via the payment link sent by us. Payment gateway is SSL secured for safe transactions.

How is the training conducted?

All our trainings are live, online, instructor-led trainings. We conduct trainings using either GoToMeeting or Zoom depending on your preference.

Can I change my time slot in the course of training?

If you are having a one-to-one session with the trainer you can change the timing depending on the flexibility of the trainer. In case of one-to-many training it will get difficult unless the whole batch including the trainer is flexible with the timing.

What materials do I get from the trainer?

For all our trainings you get power-point presentations, lab guides and solutions from the trainer and extra material if the course demands it. Along with that all sessions are recorded and shared with the candidates.

How does the customized course benefit me?

Customized course is a new concept. In this plan the candidate can decide what he/she wants to learn. In most industries rather than working on all functionalities of a device you rather focus on multiple functionalities of many devices. Hence rather than learning everything for each device and technology which is obviously beneficial in the long run, you can learn specific topics to achieve your short-term goals and focus on product certifications in the long-run.

How does ‘customize your course’ work?

To customize your course you can head over to ‘customize your course’ option. You choose the technology, vendor and select your modules. You have to choose a minimum of 4 modules and maximum of 8 modules, so that the course covers optimum scope and is neither too short nor too long. You can check your course and edit it by clicking the “View your course” button. Once you have finalized the course you can fill in your details and submit the form. The office representative will get in touch with you to plan the time slots and inform you regarding the fees and payment methods. Once everything is complete the course starts.

Are there any pre-requisites for customized courses?

In all our customized courses we cover basic architecture and installation of the device you choose. For some topics you will need understanding of certain concepts which will be shared by the trainer depending on the modules you choose.

Can I attend the course again if I did not understand in the first attempt?

Yes, you can attend in the next batch. The trainer will share the details of the next batch.

How do I contact the trainer for post-training support?

The trainer can be reached via e-mail or a phone call for any kind of doubts in lessons or lab set-up support.

What is the minimum internet speed for a smooth online training session?

The minimum bandwidth for your internet connection required to run a session smoothly is 1Mbps.

What happens if there is connection outage in the middle of training?

There is possibility of connectivity issues from either side. There are three scenarios to this:
If in case that happens in case of one-to-one session the training will be re-scheduled to the next day.
If it is a batch of candidates and one of the candidates faces connectivity issues, he/she will get the lecture recording and in some cases the trainer will take a one-to- one session at a later date.
If the trainer faces connectivity issues, (which is very unlikely to happen since we have three internet lease lines) the training will be rescheduled.