1. Cancellation Policy
    • Candidate substitutions are not permitted.
    • In the event that we cancel a course because of unforeseeable circumstances (for example, in the case of accident or illness of the trainer) BlueMap will make every effort to place you onto another set of course dates.
    • Refund will NOT be given for No Shows, and the full fee will be forfeited. A No Show is defined as a candidate not attending a course they are registered for without any communication to BlueMap prior to the course commencement.
    • If a participant fails to attend on the registered date due to illness, a new date for a course offering the same subject matter will be re-scheduled. A cancellation charge will not be levied in this case.
    • BlueMap reserves the right to cancel or change course times, but as much notice will be given as possible.
    • If a candidate cancels a scheduled training that has been invoiced by BlueMap due to a change of circumstance beyond BlueMap’s control, a 25% cancellation fee applies.
  2. Payment Policy
    • Slot for your course will only be guaranteed once we receive payment in full.
    • BlueMap reserves the right to cancel your training slot if payment is not received in full, prior to course commencement.
    • Payment may be made by bank transfer or any online method. However convenience fees of 4% will be included in online payment options.
    • Any local taxes or bank fees, if applicable, will also be payable where applicable.